Weather Related Closings

To sign up for a text alert when Green Lake School is delayed or closed go to and follow the prompt.  Make sure to pick Green Lake School as your school.


The school district will attempt to contact radio and television stations prior to6:15 a.m. whenever school is canceled or the start of the school day is delayed.  

  • Radio stations which will broadcast information about the Green Lake Public Schools weather/emergency related schedule changes are WRPN (1600 AM) and WISS (102.3). 
  • Television stations which will broadcast the information are Green Lake Cable 98, WLUK-TV, WMTV-TV, WGBA-TV, WFRV-TV, and WBAY-TV. 


Please make note that anytime school is canceled or dismissed early due to weather, road conditions, or other emergencies, all after school activities, athletic practices and contests are also canceled. 

Weather conditions may make school bus travel unsafe on some roads.  Each bus driver has been given the authority to determine if a portion of his/her route is unsafe for travel due to road conditions.

When weather conditions necessitate an early school dismissal, the school district and parents have a shared responsibility for the safety of the students.  The school district will operate under the assumption that students in grades 5 and above are able to supervise themselves at home and supervise their younger brothers and sisters when school is dismissed early, and a parent is not at home.  Parents who are not at home during the day due to work schedules are encouraged to discuss with their children the procedures they should follow if they will be at home without adult supervision due to an early school dismissal.  The school district will contact the parents of students in grades 4K-4 who do not have an older sibling to inform them of the emergency situations which require an early school dismissal.

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